How do you hang action figure boxes on the wall?

Tips: Wall-hanging action figure boxes are an ample source of getting the customer's attention, and once the toy gets visibly prominent, it would fly off the shelve to the customer more rapidly. 

Action figures toys are getting popular day by day

  • At the toy outlet, action figures are the most wanted products by the kids as the children are inspired by their cartoon heroes and animated dolls. And in recent times, the demand for action figure toys are escalating. Similarly, the competition in the field also enhanced, and every toy manufacturer needs some solution to make their product attention-seeking. 
  • Out of all available options, one of the most imminent ways is the use of the custom action figure boxes. If we say the custom packaging is an option that provides huge profit with little investment, it is not a wrong statement. 

  • Wrapping the action figures inside the custom packaging solution and then displaying such toys in prominent places would double the chances of sales. And this is the reason various displayed tactics are used by the toy sellers to let the audience know about their availability in the shop. 
  • However, the most practical way of displaying these toys is by hanging them on the wall. So, the further discussion elaborates a few ways by which one can easily hang the action figure toys on the wall. 

Where should you hang action figure boxes on the wall?

First of all, you need to make sure that the environmental circumstances of the place where you are going to hang your action figure toys must be appropriate. It is advised to choose inside the shop where the humidity level, as well as temperature, would be easily managed. On the other hand, there is also no exposure to the external environment inside the rooms and supermarkets. There are a lot of disadvantages of displaying the action figure boxes on outside walls. 

It is observed that the sunlight is one of the big enemies of action figure boxes as the UV rays make the colors of the action figure packaging fade in addition to the discoloration of the action figure toy. On the other hand, the humidity impact is really bad for the cardboard; it would also cause the expanding and contracting of the plastic window panes that are attached to the face of action figure boxes with windows. Therefore, it is advised to keep the action figures inside places like the warehouses for storage and the toy shops for display. 

Advantages of hanging action figures on the wall

Now it is time to get an idea about the advantages of hanging action figures on the wall. No doubt action figure toys are themselves adorable, but the addition of the right packaging and proper display makes them more lovable. On the other hand, by hanging the action figures on the walls following advantages would be gained. 

  • Free up the floor space of the toy shop

Space management is always an issue for the toy seller as all and one knows that mostly the toys are of large size. So, the large toy occupies more space, and action figure toys that are of small size do not get prominent while placed on the floor. However, the space also looks overcrowded when all the action figure toys are placed in one space. So, hanging action figure toys on the wall space would save for other toys. And all the things also look well-managed. 

  • More visible to the customers

When the action figure toys are packed inside the auspicious-looking boxes and then hung on the walls, they would be more prominent. When the kids or customers enter the shop or toy outlet, these toys instantly grab their attention and look amazing. So, the first look impresses them to make a purchase. 

  • Get a prominent position in the shop

Another benefit of packing the action figure toys inside the hanging boxes is that these toys get the front place as the crowded shelf environment of not allow all products to stay in front. But these boxes are always hung in front of the customers. 

There is also a number of benefits associated with the custom action figure toy boxes that are designed to hang on the walls, out of which a few major benefits are discussed above. Now you need to understand what are important things that you need to understand before ordering the custom action figure boxes with hanging options. 

Things you need to know before hanging action figures

Here are a few points that you are imminent to consider before making the decision to hang the action figure toys at the toy outlets.  

  • What type of packaging is used for your action toy?

You need to know what type of packaging is required for hanging the action figure toys on the wall, whether you need, carded packaging or you need a complete box. 

  • What is the weight of the toy you are going to hang?

After the selection of the packaging, it is required to know the weight of the toy; if the toy is too heavy, then you need some robust packaging and hanging options.

  • What is the display plan for your action figure toys?

Hanging the toys on the wall needs proper planning, like how many action figure toys you are going to display on the wall. It would let you know the final look of the wall after displaying the action figure toys. 

  • Whether you are comfortable putting holes in walls or not?

Lastly, you need to know the consequences of the hanging. For instance, whether you feel comfortable with the holes in the wall or not. If the answer is positive, then you can go ahead to hang the action figure toys on the walls.  

Custom display box styles for hanging the action figures 

Here are a few types of custom action figure boxes that are used for hanging the toys at the retail outlets. 

Blister card packaging for action figures

One of the most commonly viewed packaging for action figure toys is the blister card action figure boxes. These boxes also come with a hanging option, and the blisters are like mold that keep the action figure toys are made to provide safe shelter to the toys.  

Five-panel hanger boxes 

This structurally different box is basically designed to hand in various products. And this is also used as a custom action figure box for the dolls and action hero toys. These boxes are designed in a five-panel structure, and there is a hanging hole on the top. However, if the weight of the toy is too much and the size is also big, then this is not good. 

Add a plastic hanger on top

Now, if the five-panel hanger box is not suitable for large and heavy action figure toys, then there is the option of annexing the plastic and metal-made hangers. These hangers are strong and easily carry the weight of the toy. 

Other hanging options for the action figures 

You are not only requiring the custom action figure boxes for hanging, but some extra efforts are also required to do this. A few things are discussed below that assist you in easily hanging the action figure toys on the walls of the shop.   

Use push pins and nails as well

If you want to pick the easiest way of hanging the action figure toys on the wall, then the use of nails and push pins is the best way for you. On the other hand, this solution is also a cost-effective one. This method of hanging carded action figure toys are only suitable if such toys are packed inside the boxes that have hanger and hooks like five-panel hanger boxes. Otherwise, this method is not suitable for you. However, it is also suitable for you to hang action figures in grid style. So the action figure looks more organized on the walls. 

Go for utilizing the peg boards

Sometimes you do not feel comfortable putting the holes and nails on the walls, and then you can try different options like peg board. On the other hand, if you choose the peg board for hanging the action figure toys, then you can also easily align these toys onto it as the figures are displayed neatly in the rows and columns. Another amazing advantage of hanging the action figure on the peg board is that you do not need to go for the boxes with hooks or carded action figures, as you can easily hang action figure boxes on them. 

Consider the adhesive material and clips

The third option is the use of adhesive material and clips, but you need to know that very heavy toys would not paste with this easily. However, this option would save you from putting the holes in the wall, but the adhesive material sometimes affects the wall's look. And for this purpose, you also need long hooks, and your action figure packaging must contain holes and hangers for hanging. It is advised to use adhesive material on metal or plastic surfaces as it would take off the paint if you directly paste it on the wall. 

Floating shelves are also used for wall display

Another option for displaying the action figures on the walls is the use of floating shelves. These shelves are also considered one of the best-organized ways of hanging the action figures on the walls. Also, you do not require the hanging boxes if you go for the floating shelves. In this way, you can go for other packaging options that would save your cost. 

Select the wall-mounted cabinets and display cases

Lastly, if you want to add extra protection to your action figure toys, then you can use the wall-mounted cabinets. These cabinets provide safe shelter and also keep the dust away from your action figure toys, and their packaging also looks fresh. However, it is one of the pretty expensive methods of displaying the action figures. 

Final words

After the discussion, the reader is well aware of the fact that the action figures are also easily displayed on the walls by using the appropriate packaging solutions like custom action figure boxes.